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HP 6560B Core i5 2520M/4GB/320GB/DVD/cam/HD+ "B"


CPU Type:Intel Core
CPU model:i5-2520M (2.5 GHz, 3MB)
Memory Size:4GB
Memory Type:DDR3
HDD Size:320GB
HDD interface Type:SATA
Screen Size:15.6"
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Serial port:nem
Parallel port:nem
Graphics:Intel HD Graphics
Native Resolution:1600x900
Wifi Adapter:802.11bb/g/n
Network adapter:Integrált
I/O ports and expansion slots:4xUSB 2.0, LAN, DP, Soros, VGA, Firewire, Audio, EU, UK, USA bill.
Operating System:-
Article No.:NH5I252432650DC+B

Description of used products:

Grade „A” means, all functions are working 100 percent properly, all in good cosmetic condition but visibly used products. In case of monitors and laptops you might expect maximum three dead-pixels or subpixels, laptops come with chargers, batteries hold charge for at least 30 minutes.

Grade „B” equipment qould have cosmetic issues everytime. Laptops or monitors can have scratched screens or pressure marks, there can be damages to the casing, plastics or hinges of the laptops and/or they can have a dead battery. Please ask our colleagues for more detailed information about a Grade B product. Every function or component not listed as faulty has to work properly even in case of a Grade B item.


In case of Grade „B” monitors the screen may be scratched or/and has pixel failures and white spots, they might also have external injuries (ex. cracks, fractures).


In case of Grade „B” notebooks the screen may be scratched or/and has white spots/pixel failures, furthermore they might have external injuries (ex. cracks, fractures); they might also have betteries with 0% battery lifetime, USB ports may fail, or happen to be broken.